Update 7.5.17

We have had such a crazy busy past few weeks. We are extremely grateful for this! This update will outline everything we will be doing for this upcoming week. 

Yesterday,7.4.17, we made an appearance on Cincinnati local news on WKRC Local 12. It was a great time! Take a second to check it out! Here.

 Today, 7.5.17, is a regroup day full of booking new shows, planning for our upcoming Video shoot, and trying to find a moment to relax in. These days always help us realize we would rather be playing music than sitting around. 

Tomorrow, 7.6.17, We are back at the amazing JD Legends in Fairfield Ohio to play our usual cover show. We LOVE heading up to this place because the crowd is always so inviting. 

Friday, 7.7.17, We will either be watching Spiderman, or playing at Yesterdays Saloon in Mt. Adams. We haven't decided which we want to do more, but I feel like we will be playing the gig! 

Saturday, 7.8.17, We will be back at Quincys for a round of sing alongs! 


Thats our simple week update. Make sure to look out for more blog posts! Sorry if this post is boring, we are just now getting used to making weekly posts! -Ethan and Joey